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Businesses are being offered more cost-effective and incredible ways to communicate than ever before. The smart buyer will examine its business requirements to maximize return on investment.

While every business is familiar with the traditional PBX phone system, the IP Telephony solution is less appreciated. IP Telephony is designed to enable your organization to enhance customer service, improve employee productivity and control communications costs.

In a recent survey, market research firm Infonetics found businesses are selecting Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution over a traditional PBX because of applications available for VoIP, open standards, lower operating expenditures, network consolidation and competition. 
Telesphere offers a fully-managed service solution. Hosted VoIP is an advanced technology that allows your business to have phone service without the phone system. Instead of purchasing and maintaining a PBX phone system that sits in your office, you connect to a powerful nationwide platform hosted in the "Cloud" by Telesphere.

Your Action:
With cloud-based hosted VoIP, you can resign the hassles of confusing phone systems and multiple vendors to history, giving you time and capital for focus on the future of your business.

Contact: for scheduling a real-time demonstration on the hosted VoIP solution
Information Strategy Design  provides premise-base business phone system offering a software-base IP PBX system with instant messaging, remote access and other features, working directly with Vertical, a leading provider of Telephony systems. You have 24/7 control over the phone system.

Experience extends to single and multi-location phone system implementations; remote systems connections; and VoIP integrating voice and data over single or multiple T1’s; SIP trunking capability.

Your Action: Waiting until a major disruption occurs or clients loudly complain are not wise choices in today's stellar customer service environment.

Contact: for scheduling a real-time demonstration on the software-base IP PBX system.
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