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Small firms need an experienced, business professional to guide business owners through rough spots during all phases of growth. Going it alone is tantamount to task overload, frustration and perhaps burn out.  Add capital requirements to the in order to "succeed ingredient", and you will surely need professional know-how.

The approval of the Jump Start Our Businesses Startup Act (JOBS Act) on April 5, 2012, made Equity-based Crowdfunding legal. The SEC, however, missed important deadlines in issuing rules that will govern this promising and transformative marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors.

At the briefing, the nation’s principal leaders and experts on equity and debt-based financing will provide an in-depth review of the extensive build out and preparation that has taken place to help entrepreneurs’ access capital through online platforms, while protecting the investors who will finance these enterprises.

Crowdfund investing is a revolutionary financial technology that offers individuals an opportunity to engage with small businesses and startups and participate in their growth. Estimates for annual crowdfunding transactions go as high as $500 billion annually compared to 2011’s $1.5 billion (anticipated to be $3 billion in 2012).  If crowdfunding even begins to approach that scale, it will completely change the landscape for start-up financing.

Crowd funding websites are sprouting up, such as Profounder, Kickstarter, or RocketHub. These sites focus primarily on funding the creative arts projects. If the crowd was willing to fund creative projects, the obvious question was why not technology and scientific projects too?

Micro-venturing is a close cousin of crowd funding. It allows small investors access to investing in start-up companies at the early stages, and entrepreneurs are able to find large pools of potential investors. Often these websites have to be approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission as they are match making between private investors and start-ups, performing the due diligence on behalf of investors, and handling the legal filings and paperwork.

And just like crowd funding websites, these seem to be sprouting up all over as well; websites such as Micro Ventures Marketplace, the Funding Store, CapLinked and Crowd Cube.

Traditional Funding
The funding industry is changing. Today, micro-financing, super angels, micro-VCs, incubators and the like are providing alternative sources of funding to start-ups. And given the difficulty of raising funding, many start-ups will dabble in these latest trends.

Business Investment
Business investment talk show is a segment of Points of View. The program provides information on start up and early stage companies from  a CEO and investor perspective. 

Guests on Points of View Jim Goulka, Managing Director, Arizona Technology Investment Forum (ATIF) & Eric Miller, Co-owner & principal, PADT (Phoenix Analysis Design Technologies) discussed topics such as Angel investment, manufacturing technology & trends as well as entrepreneurship.


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Arizona Technology Investor Forum (ATIF

ATIF is an active group of over 40 men and women who invest in high-potential early stage technology companies. All accredited investors, they seek out promising companies located in Arizona and in the surrounding states of the Southwest.

ATIF recently launched an investment program - Sidecar Fund. It is a source of capital that “rides” or invests alongside an Angel group. Another program is aimed at converting the Valley’s typical real estate backers into funding sources for tech start-up companies, and that program is called Angel Investor Boot Camp.

For more information about Arizona Technology Investment Forum, click on

Phoenix Analysis & Design Technologies (PADT) 

PADT is the Southwest’s premier provider of mechanical engineering services. Specializing in Design, analysis, and Rapid Prototyping, the company has made a reputation for itself by developing world-class solutions to a variety of customers. Its product development and engineering services, include:

o    Mechanical Analysis and Simulation- engineers can create virtual representations of components and systems that simulate real world behavior under a variety of loads and constraints.

o    Software Development- a broad spectrum of software development services ranging from simple customization scripts to full-fledged product development.
o    Rapid Manufacturing- creating prototypes of a product design. Prototypes enable form, fit, and function testing as well as ergonomic evaluation and marketing tools.

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At SyCara, they develop workflow management, search engine optimization (SEO) tools for digital marketers. SyCara, for the first time, gives SEO professionals one platform by which they can accomplish workflow management, monitoring and reporting.

Their mission is to help SEO professionals achieve a higher level of efficiency and ROI by using prioritized, actionable plans.
For more information about the company, click on SyCara.

SyCara with Fionn Downhill, founder of SyCara & Dan Boberg, President/CEO, SyCara and partner of Tallwave discuss the search engine optimization platform of SyCara, and Tallwave's participation in the company to manage and accelerate the company to seed and private equity funding.  

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A team of experienced technology and transportation professionals founded Post.Bid.Ship. to alleviate inefficiencies in today’s freight transportation marketplace. Post.Bid.Ship. seeks to aid both sides of the commercial transportation market – shippers of commercial goods and the transportation providers who haul freight.

For more information about the company,click on PostBidShip.

Guests on the Points of View program were Micky Thompson, CEO, Post.Bid.Ship and Jim Goulka, Arizona Technology Investment Forum. Conversation centered on earth shaking start-up companies and the Angel Investment community.

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